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Hey, What's Happening?

Updated: Jan 18

Good question!

Hello, good people. And Happy New Year! I have many goals for 2024, as I'm sure you do. One of them is to get a literary agent, and the second is to finally get a publishing deal.

Let me back up - I had an agent. For two years. We went on submission for two of my books, and although there was some interest (and we even got to 'second reads' with one publisher), ultimately, things didn't work out.

Near the end of 2023, my agent and I decided to part ways, very amicably, I loved her and truly appreciated her taking me on. She believed in my work and in me. But we both knew that it was time for me to move on.

I completed my third thriller manuscript last year, as well, and I'm hoping that this one will lead to something positive on the literary agent front. Watch this space!

Happy writing :)



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